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JobsMarkt - An efficient way to find talented employees. Not only in Switzerland but worldwide - as an effective means against the lack of skilled workers. Ltd.
Laengfeldstrasse 58
CH-3063 Ittigen (Switzerland)
Telephone: +41 31 901 05 05
Mobile: +41 79 672 36 00
Company No: CHE-312.122.663

JobsMarkt India
T-312, Square One Complex
Opp. Golden Square Complex
Radhanpur Road, Mehsana, Gujarat, India
Mobile: +91 99049 32220

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is JobsMarkt different to other jobs portals?

JobsMarkt is the only job portal that puts you in direct contact with employers. This means job seekers can sidestep the risk their application not being properly read and passed on by a recruiter. Employers can avoid paying excessive fees to recruiters for sourcing candidates.

How do I apply for a job?

First find a job that interests you. Then after finding a suitable job click on the "Apply" button JobsMarkt will send your job application directly to the employer. JobsMarkt has simplified this process for you with the "Resume Builder" and "Cover Letter Builder" applications.

How can I post an advert for a open job opportunity?

Advertising a job is quick and easy. Simply click on the "Post a Job" button and fill in all the details of your job opportunity in the boxes provided. Then after checking the preview of your job ad, click on "Post Now" to attract applications from jobseekers.

How can I find the best candidates for my job?

Our specially designed Resume Builder and Cover Letter Builder tools make it quick and easy to create a shortlist of high quality candidates. Our standardized format means you can search candidates based on qualifications, experience and other key factors. We also provide proprietary video and instant messenger tools for screening candidates from abroad to maximize the success rate of new hires.


Launch JobsMarkt in your Region and Start Earning!

JobsMarkt eliminates the inefficiency and unnecessary cost of recruiters. The cost savings for employers are huge, making it a highly attractive new recruitment model. JobsMarkt is now expanding across the world!

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