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JobsMarkt is reinventing the recruitment model. We offer a smarter, more practical way for employers to fill open job vacancies at low cost and for talented applicants/jobseekers to find the job of their dreams.

We achieve this through removing recruiters and other unnecessary middlemen from the equation. Instead, employers can post jobs and accept applications from jobseekers directly. This saves employers huge recruitment costs and it ensures applications get to the people that matter.

JobsMarkt harnesses innovative new recruitment tools so that jobseekers can contact employers they want to work for and consequently employers can more easily search and source the best talent. Therefore, it is developing Hunting Gizmo.

Hunting Gizmo - The Game Changer Next Generation Digital AI-Recruiter!

Hunting Gizmo is the first of its kind Digital AI-Recruiter that is based on an algorithmic fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Visual Intelligence (VI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML), which allows it to assess specific pattern of jobseekers and to help employers choose the right candidate at the first attempt. Hunting Gizmo will speed up the complete recruitment process, saves money and improve the success rate of new hires. 

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