Wunder Carpool (IT / Telekommunikation )

Urban Carpooling.


Hongkongstraße 7,
Hamburg ,Hamburg,
Germany, 20457

Informationen zur Kontaktperson

Name : Mickael Arrestier
Email : mickael@wunder.org
Phone : +494060943073
Designation: HR Lead

Founded in 2013 in Germany, Wunder is the world’s leading urban carpooling platform. Wunder’s mobile app allows commuters to easily book the empty seat in a neighbor’s car for their way to work or back home. Passengers enjoy a comfortable and safe ride in a car at the cost of public transportation while drivers recover the cost of their trip. Funded by top tier investors from Europe and the US, Wunder is launching carpooling communities in the world’s most gridlocked cities.

Gründungsjahr: 2014
Webseite : www.wunder.org
Mitarbeiterzahl : 50