• Improving people's lives through funding the garbage recycling projects in under developing countries

  • Committed to finding employment for people with disabilities

  • We help fund education in developing countries


Our Responsibility

As a part of society, we want to repay society by engaging in fields which we think can contribute towards the betterment and prosperity of the communities within which JobsMarkt operates.

1. ​Free Jobs Posting

We want to assist deserving people to increase their income. If any employer want to post jobs for any of the below described categories, then as a global and dedicated job portal we will add them for FREE.


Job Advertisement’s only for Disabled Persons:

Disabled people have a right to work and to earn a living. Disabled people get a quota of positions in many companies. Therefore, if you as an employer want to advertise an opening for a disabled or special person in your organisation, you can have a free job posting on JobsMarkt.

We make sure that deserving special people in our database can reach the openings dedicated to them. You can easily post advertisements for "job openings for disabled" without having to pay a penny.

Apprenticeship Job Advertisement:

Young people are assets for any large and successful corporation. Advertising openings of apprenticeships for young and energetic pioneers of the future is again one of our FREE services.

You can advertise apprenticeship openings on JobsMarkt and reach the most enthusiastic, passionate and deserving young graduates to enhance your firm’s performance.

Internships Job Advertisement:

Internships play a vital role in helping young university and high school graduates to gain practical experience and enhance their skills. These practical experiences are usually offered for a period of 6 months to 1 year.

Employers can advertise internships for free whenever an opening becomes available. This also gives them access to our database of talented young graduates.

2. Education and vocational training

At JobsMarkt we are utterly convinced that poverty can only be eradicated by spreading education. To achieve this goal, we are opening several educational and vocational training institutes in third world countries and spend a certain percent of all our revenue to make sure children in poorer areas have access to education and skilled training in order to meet the challenges of the modern world.


Free Education Provision to Underprivileged Children:

Education forms the basis of every thriving society. Low literacy rates are one of the root causes of poverty and lack of progression in society. This is especially true for third world countries that are currently finding it tough to fight the low literacy rates due to insufficient funds and resources. We are an integral part of society and believe we have a responsibility to help improve the literacy rate and help precious minds to have the highest standard of education. This will not just help lower illiteracy rates, but will also create a more skilled workforce for the future.

Provision of Vocational Training in Third World Countries:

Vocational training can help to build skilled workforces despite limited resources. It is therefore our primary goal to get as many people as possible engaged in some sort of vocational work so they can learn vital technical skills and earn an income for their families.

3. Environmental Protection

Within the past few centuries industrialisation has caused massive damage to the environment. The world has never faced such severe environmental threats as it faces today. Therefore, we feel obligated to do our bit to reduce the pollution rate and take the initiative for a greener tomorrow. So at JobsMarkt we have taken steps to minimise our carbon footprint.


Non print friendly website:

We are proud to be the pioneers in a step that can have a lasting impact on planet Earth. We have created our website in a manner that discourages the use of printing; so as to play our part for the environment and to set examples for future website development. We strongly discourage the use of printers and encourage our users to have conversation, resume, and letter exchange online without printing. We are optimistic that this will be the way to go in the near future and more websites will soon follow this path.

Financing garbage recycling projects in under developing countries:

Recycling is the way forward for a greener tomorrow. As an initiative in this respect, we will be opening garbage-recycling facilities in underdeveloped countries so as to contribute to society. More than 50% of all garbage is produced in third world countries with no recycling facilities. Our goal to achieve a pollution free planet cannot be completed without handling the garbage properly in a scientific manner so that the environment can be saved from its hazardous effects.

Our promise to our users

We are not only working consistently to earn our valuable users promising and fulfilling careers, rather we are working as a responsible part of society with the goal of eradicating poverty and pollution. From education provision to visa and immigration support and training, we offer a full range of services throughout the entire process of job hiring.